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  • One of the main reasons companies decide to go with DSMTracker is because of its ability to provide reports and intelligence about your energy efficiency programs.


    Visualize Your Data
    Dashboard provide you with a birds eye view with what’s going on with your data. Quickly identify positive or negative trends through dashboards. Dashboard components can show the entire enrollment pipeline by stage, reserved funds, reserved savings, acquired savings and expenditures all in a single screen. Click through a dashboard chart to view the details behind it. Managers typically spend most of their time in DSMTracker reviewing dashboards, identifying trends, and clicking through reports to identify what they can do to increase acquired savings and reduce operational budget expenditures.
    report analytics


    Analyze your performance
    Reports in DSMTracker provide additional detail you need to make decisions. Group data to together to recognize summary information create a matrix report for greater analysis. Enrollment and Participation trending and analytic snapshots can provide historical trending information. All reports are always real-time and up to date. Click through any link in the report to take you right to a single record in DSMTracker. It is generally best to make all reports accessible through a dashboard component.
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