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  • Program & Portfolio Management

    Program Manager

    Program Manager Provides all aspects of program setup, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and tracking for simple to complex energy efficiency and demand response programs.
    Portfolio Manager

    Portfolio Manager Provides much needed capabilities of grouping programs into portfolios in a hierarchical manner to manage budgets and savings.
    Program Configuration Wizard

    Program Configuration Wizard Automates the setup and configuration of all program types in minutes. Includes setup of monthly goals, monthly budgets, exceptions and various other attributes.

    Budget Management and Financial Forecasting

    Budget and Expenditures Manager

    Budget and Expenditures Manager Provides all aspects of program and portfolio budget management, categorization, reservation, expenditure tracking and reporting.
    Forecasting and Reporting

    Forecasting and Reporting Enables the forecasting of budgets and expenditures based on current and past spend trends as well as past year performances.

    Measures Lifecycle Management

    Measures Library

    Measures Library Central repository to manage and maintain measures, associate them to various programs, upgrade and downgrade their attributes and finally retire them as part of their lifecycle management.
    Measure Configuration Wizard

    Measure Configuration Wizard Automates the ability to configure measures using a point and click visual configuration tool. Improves the accuracy of configuring savings and incentive formulas when compared to excel based calculation wizards.
    Qualified Equipment Database

    Qualified Equipment Database Pre-integrated to Energy Star and AHRI databases and with system approval processes, program managers and MV&E analysts can manage the active eligibility list of measures and qualified equipments instantly.

    Rebate Processing and Customer Enrollment

    Capturing casual inquiries and converting them to customers is the primary focus of energy efficient or demand-response program. Rebate and customer enrollment processing involves complex tasks. But with DSM Tracker, the right automation can eliminate manual tasks, reduce errors, and generate more eligible applications for a fraction of the cost.

    Online and Paper based Processing

    Online and Paper based Processing Get results with an improved online and paper-based application process. Dual enrollment channels increase the efficiency of your application process within DSM Tracker. Less manual effort equals more energy savings.
    Eligibility Checking Engine

    Eligibility Checking Engine Confirm enrollees instantly with Customer Eligibility Checks. Filter incomplete or incorrect applications at first contact. With checks in place, you can count on a highly-accurate enrollment rate.
    Exceptions Manager

    Exceptions Manager Improve volume processing with the Exception Handling feature. DSM Tracker checks every application for verification at every stage or phase of the enrollment process. Moving ineligible applications to an exception queue for further investigation, improves volume processing.

    Payment Processing and Invoice Management

    Payment and invoicing processing is a critical part of any business. At Green Team Software, we've developed automated processes in payment and invoice processing that work fluidly with the way energy efficiency implementation firms do business today. Stop manual processing and take back time better spent monitoring energy efficiency program performance.

    Check and Pre-Paid Cards Processing

    Check and Pre-Paid Cards Processing The Green Team Software has partnerships with some of the largest banks to facilitate check and pre-paid card processing. Whether your programs are with utility customers, contractors, vendors, manufactures, retailers, trade ally or other third parties, all transactions are provided to internal ERP and accounting systems.
    Utility Client Invoicing and Approval Routing

    Utility Client Invoicing and Approval Routing Whether it's scheduled or on-demand, the DSM Tracker provides the ability to generate utility-client invoices. Within this systematic process, DSM Tracker's invoices can be reviewed and approved by various levels of management before release and routed to the appropriate utility contact.
    Contractor Invoices and Payments

    Contractor Invoices and Payments The DSM Tracker's functionality enables contractors to easily submit batches of applications on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or submit a single invoice for multiple installs. Approval setup is available for both contractor payment and invoice processing.

    CRM Customer Relationship Management

    360 Degree Customer View

    360 Degree Customer View Confidently track and manage customers within DSM Tracker. Up sell, cross sell customers on energy efficiency programs while managing issues and cases for them.
    Lead Management

    Lead Management Reinvigorate lead management efforts and drive enrollment. Fast track your sales and marketing initiatives to increase lead generation. The DSM Tracker addresses lead tracking, web2lead, mass mailings, lead qualification and lead to enrollment functions.
    Opportunity Pipeline Tracking

    Opportunity Pipeline Tracking Manager your entire opportunity pipeline and forecast your enrollment and project conversion rate using DSM Tracker.
    Product Price Lists Manager

    Product Price Lists Manager Create energy efficiency products and price lists for timesaving proposal creation. Energy efficiency Implementation firms can now create and maintain price and product lists from a myriad of manufacturers and retailers in one place. Expedite proposal creation with accessible ad current lists.
    Case and Incident Manager

    Case and Incident Manager Reinvigorate lead management efforts and drive enrollment. Fast track your sales and marketing initiatives to increase lead generation. The DSM Tracker addresses lead tracking, web2lead, mass mailings, lead qualification and lead to enrollment functions.
    Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation Tap into all areas of multiple online or traditional marketing campaigns. Drive marketing initiatives faster with DSM Tracker's marketing automation. It allows smooth integration of third-party marketing vendors, like Marketo®, eloqua® and Vertical Response.

    Call Center and Telephony Automation

    Call Center Automation

    Call Center Automation Complete end to end functionality for inbound and outbound call handling, customer enrollment, CSR queue management and call scripts.
    CTI / Telephony Automation

    CTI / Telephony Automation Jump start your call center with cloud based telephony, IVR, PBX, CTI, VoIP with next generation call handling capabilities.
    Routing and Scheduling

    Routing and Scheduling Schedule appointments for your field services technicians, energy auditors and inspectors using the advanced scheduling engine that also provides optimized routing capabilities.

    Contractor and Trade Ally Management

    High-quality trade partners and contractors are keys to survival for energy-efficiency implementation firms. Successfully building and maintaining these networks can also mean opportunities for increased enrollment. Not only does DSM Tracker maintain vendors' and trade partners' profile information, but its built-in automation assists with the registration, qualification and approval phases of managing these intricate networks. Its exclusive Online Marketing Automation solution enables program managers to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns on enrollment.

    Contractor and Trade Ally Profile Manager

    Contractor and Trade Ally Profile Manager Profile manager allows management and maintenance of third-party contractors and trade ally records, such as company information, contacts, licenses and verification dates, expiration dates, renewal information, expertise and specialties.
    Vendor and Trade Ally Self-Service Portals

    Vendor and Trade Ally Self-Service Portals The DSM Tracker's self-service portal allows vendors and partners not only to self-register, but to update profile information, license information, expertise, and a list of equipment they service or sell. Automated workflows allow for self-qualification online, reducing the time Program Managers spend determining vendor qualifications.
    Upstream and Midstream Electronic Exchange

    Upstream and Midstream Electronic Exchange Trade allies can transaction information in bulk using the DSM Tracker's electronic exchange that provides sophisticated automation to validate incoming and outgoing information and convert those into savings and incentive records.

    Measurement, Verification and Evaluation

    Measure Data Analysis

    Measure Data Analysis MV&E Groups can evaluate measure data using the rich reporting and analytical capabilities provided by DSM Tracker's MV&E module. This includes measure savings data analysis, refinement, throughput analysis among other things.
    Inspections and Verifications

    Inspections and Verifications DSM Tracker provides native capabilities to schedule inspections and verifications for upstream, midstream and down stream programs by customer, application, trade ally, installed measure, site or building among other things. Both sample based and manual inspections are supported.
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