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    Key Features

    • 100 different visualizations
    • Statistical modeling
    • Pipeline analysis
    • Data intelligence
    • Mobile-enabled

    A new approach to Portfolio Analytics

    An indispensable tool for program managers and DSM executives. It instantly translates complex data streams into real-time metrics so that decision makers can confidently take action to meet their strategic goals.


    1. Out-of-the-Box Performance Dashboards Key DSM dashboards designed to provide intelligence about Programs, Sectors, Portfolios, Measures and Trade Ally Performance. Program managers and executives can understand KPIs at a glance.
    2. Drill-Down Filtering Users have the power to drill down into charts to review the data behind them. They can also filter each dashboard by any parameter, or click on chart segments to view data slices and download that information.
    3. Ad Hoc Reports and Dashboards A powerful, drag-and-drop reporting engine enables users to create new reports, then share or schedule them for future runs.
    4. Data Modeling and Forecasting Advanced statistical analysis and modeling of program information, as well as much needed performance forecasting, enables users to envision the path ahead..
    5. No Software To Download DSM Analytics is a web-based tool delivered through your browser. No downloads, no installs, no IT hassles.
    6. Import and Export To Common File Formats Users can import or export data to common file formats like Excel and CSV, so it’s easy to get started if you already have your data in Excel, or contractors submitting flat files
    7. See and Understand Key Performance Metrics From budget and expenditures to goals and acquired savings, DSM Analytics gives you every key performance metric. It’s just plug and play.
    8. Connects to Multiple Tracking Systems If you have a data tracking and reporting system, then DSM Analytics connects right into it, instantly updating its dashboards based on real-time changes to the tracking system.

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